A History of Plant Medicine

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A History of Plant Medicine


A Comprehensive guide following the story of healing with herbs from pre-history to modern times.



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About A History of Plant Medicine

Drawing on her decades of experience as an established herbalist and historian, Christina presents an encyclopaedic and accessible guide to the theory and practice of western herbal medicine throughout history. Spanning an impressive timeline of two thousand years – from the beginnings of botany in the Greek and Roman world, to changes and developments in the modern day – A History of Plant Medicine is a fundamental textbook for students and practitioners of herbal medicine to enhance their study and practice, as well as an enjoyable narrative for anyone interested in this beautiful and fascinating subject.

As well as offering a detailed chronology of herbalism in the Western world, A History of Plant Medicine provides practical insights into recipes and developments in pharmacy, and their influences from other cultures. Christina creates tangible threads through time, focusing on the most used herbs for specific conditions at different periods. The book follows them over the centuries exploring effective recipes and practices abandoned in favour of new ideas and foreign herbs, which might be re-visited by herbalists today. This title can be read as a reference text, with a specific focus in each chapter, ranging from Greek philosophy, cultural influences from settlers or invasion, Arabic pharmacy, preventive medicine and lifestyle, botanical aspects, or influential herbalists.

A History of Plant Medicine is an invitation for readers to re-evaluate their relationship with herbal medicine, in understanding how different herbs are perceived in the light of knowledge and beliefs throughout history.

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