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Herbcraft Naturally


Herb garden designs – Cultivation of 58 herbs – Making wines and liqueurs – Herbs in needlework design – Flowercrafts – Dyes for wool – Stem baskets – Hedgerow basketry – Paper making – Spinning fibres – Herbs at Christmas, including decorations, gourmet cookery, sweets – 20 herbal Christmas presents to make.



ISBN 0 9522336 -1-4 Category

About Herbcraft Naturally

Following Herbwise Naturally this book is also the result of Christina’s experience in organising workshops. It sets out instructions for cultivation of a further 58 herbs. Garden plans introduce a treasure garden of silver, gold, and bronze leafed herbs for inspiration in design and an area for herbs in wine and liqueurs. Beside this is a general craft garden containing dye plants, sources of materials for basketry, stem baskets, flowercrafts, wood-turning, paper-making, spinning fibres and herbs familiar in needlework design.

Skills from the craft sections are then put to the test in 20 herbal Christmas presents to make. This is teamed with gourmet cookery for Christmas with luxurious sweets and chocolates, dishes for a party buffet and mulled wine. Christmas decorations and superstitions associated with herbs add the final seasonal touches.

A book full of ideas and information to give many happy hours of enjoyment.

231 pages (30 in colour)
ISBN 0 9522336 -1-4
Published 1994

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