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The Tree Dispensary

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this; an excellent reference book for all those who share an interest in the folklore, history and medicinal use of native European trees, written from a herbalist’s perspective. Drawing from historical data and personal experience, the author takes you on a journey through the trees, season by season. Makes for a very pleasant and interesting read, packed with stories from the past and references to modern medicinal usage. Beautifully illustrated throughout with detailed photography. Highly recommended.”
 – Joolie B, May 2021

“I love this. Not only is it beautifully laid out and illustrated, but it’s also beautifully written and so easy to read what could potentially be dry subjects. This is not a coffee table book but one to be dipped into or even cover to cover. There are anecdotes, memories, guidance, and a wealth of interesting historical notes. I really recommend it for anyone who’s fascinated by trees and their uses.”
– Sarah B, June 2021

“Well researched and written. I had no idea how many uses trees did have and how versatile they were. A very interesting and enjoyable read to use and treasured with my favourite recipe book.”
– Michael H, June 2021

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Herbwise Naturally

“A most interesting book. A great addition for anybody who loves herbs but would like to know so much more.”
 – Amazon Customer

“Great book!“
– E. Arman

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Herbcraft Naturally

“Excellent service and excellent book very informative and very quick dispatch thank you very much.”
– Anna A, 2018

“It’s not quite what I expected but still a good useful book.”
– Amazon Customer

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The Receipt Book of Lady Anne Blencowe

“Great fun. I’m interested in the history of cooking and living in an old house, so I was intrigued to find out how my predecessors ate. Quite well, going by the contents of this book (assuming that you were quite well off). Well researched, cleverly presented, do-able recipes. And not a microwave in sight.”
– J. G. Lingham

“This book appears to contain the complete Blencowe manuscript, in the original order of the recipes. The editor’s modern adaptations of the recipes sometimes differ considerably from the originals, and in ways that seem unnecessary (as when she introduces chemical leavening), but they are fun to read anyway.”
– Stephen J. Schmidt

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Herb Sufficient

“This book is a joy to own. It is presented in two monthly sections, each starting with a poem then progressing through what to do in the garden and the astrological signs, with reference to Culpeper to what I consider the best part; all the many things you can do with the herbs you can grow in your UK garden. These include teas, ointments, dyes, wines, decorations, furniture polish, liqueurs, baskets, jams and even ink! It is a huge wealth of knowledge. There is also her book Herbwise Naturally which contains descriptions of each herb, where to grow them and even more recipes. I recommend buying them both.”
 – Amazon Customer

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