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Herbs past and present, in medicine, cookery, fragrances and cosmetics, wines, or crafts, whatever your interest - there is something for you in Christina’s books, talks, workshops and courses.

Over the past thirty years she has devised and tutored over 100 different herb workshops covering every aspect of herbs in settings ranging from roundhouses, to private, sometimes stately homes, Kew gardens and a variety of Museums. These have been mainly in Britain but also in the Alps and America. Her books reflect this wealth of varied experience from the three on growing and using herbs which are based on workshop experience, providing practical instruction, and recipes, to the latest on trees as medicinal herbs.


The Tree Dispensary, the Uses, History and Herbalism of Native European Trees and Exotic Trees are both the result of practical experience with trees and eight years historical research on their use in medicine. Available from Aeon Books.

The Receipt Book of Lady Anne Blencowe contains delicious cookery recipes from the 17th century, many adapted to enjoy today for special occasions. The medicinal recipes have added interest from explanations of sources of ingredients and the current beliefs of efficacy.

Herbwise Naturally, Herbcraft Naturally, and Herb Sufficient. Each offer new information and recipes and stand alone or may be appreciated as a trilogy. When purchased as three together they are half price.  

The Lemonade Tree is a charming fairy story for 2 to 6 year olds about familiar animal and bird characters in the garden.

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A speaker for the RHS, Christina offers illustrated talks on a wide range of gardening and other herb-related topics which can be delivered online. As with workshops these can be tailored for the specific interests of the group. Titles are under the headings – Herb Garden, Cookery and Wines, Fragrance and Cosmetics, Herbs in History, Medicinal Herbs, Crafts, Herbal Holidays. 

Courtesy of Jane Austen’s House, Chawton
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Herbs to Support the Immune System. Module 6. Elderberry.


Prepare to enjoy better health in age now with the help of an Interactive Ageing Successfully Course or a guide to Essential Ageing Successfully according to your time available.  Both are distance learning courses suitable for all ages and there is no requirement for previous knowledge or qualification. Modules on specific body systems can be chosen and studied alone or as part of the 9 Module course. The most popular single Modules are the Brain and Nervous System and the Immune System.

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